Newline Interactive TVs – Model RS+

Newline University Self-Paced Training Course

Newline has an 11-step self-paced training course to learn the basic functions of the RS+ series TVs in your classroom. Click on this link to access their course and setup your account.

Alvord FAQs Answered!

You asked and we made custom videos to answer your questions about your Newline Interactive TV. Watch this playlist to see if your question is answered!

  1. How do I update the Apps(Gadgets) on my Newline TV?
  2. How do I setup the onboard computer on my Newline TV?
  3. How do I change the time on the startup screen?
  4. How do I hook up my Document Camera to the Newline TV?

Alvord Newline Training Webinar Recording

Here is the recording of the webinar on how to use the basic functions of the Newline TVs. Feel free to rewatch, pause, rewind as much as you’d like. (Start the video at 25:00) Still have questions? Check out the other resources on this page or contact me!

Real-Life Demonstration

Redlands Unified School District hosted a training for their Newline TVs and recorded this webinar on the major features. Go to the video description in Youtube to skip to or go back to specific parts of the video.

  • 0:00 – Overview
  • 0:16 – Part 1 – Basic Usage
  • 0:21 – Introduction
  • 2:01 – Using the Windows PC
  • 4:31 – Using the Newline Navigation Menu
  • 5:15 – Getting to Know the Ports
  • 6:16 – Connecting a Keyboard or Mouse
  • 7:51 – Using the Built-In Whiteboard
  • 11:34 – Screen Annotations & Saving Screenshots
  • 13:13 – Newline Gadgets
  • 15:10 – Cleaning the Screen
  • 15:45 – Part 2 – Additional Scenarios
  • 15:49 – Using a Doc Camera with the Interactive Board
  • 17:36 – Screen Sharing from Another Device (Wired)
  • 20:09 – Screen Sharing with Interactivity (Wired)
  • 22:48 – Screen Sharing from a Student Device (Wireless, DisplayNote)
  • 23:40 – Screen Sharing from a Teacher Device (Wireless, AirServer)