Focus your message in ONE place so everyone knows where to go!

How is communicating and promoting events and activities going with your student body and staff?

Students say they didn’t know about the event, advisors say their top goal is “increase involvement”

We’ve tried social media, email, sms… “Maybe…It’s not a communication problem!”

Students received the messages, but they actually didn’t read them… “I don’t really care.” Students in fact love the events when they actually arrive and participate, but it’s solving the hump of motivating students enough to get them to the event.

Integration and Consolidation, focus on one place

Create content…and then some more content! Who can do this? Passionate ASB student(s)? How can regular students send/upload photos to be featured?

Careful when you tag students on a public app…DON’T DO IT…as a school. Students can tag students, but the school-managed accounts CAN NOT!

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