Redefining School Spirit after COVID; the “New Normal”

Scott Backovich

Activity Burnout can actually have benefits: reflection, growth, change

The most common student activities, since they have been “invented” in 1945 by Dr. Earl (Room?), haven’t changed much…

Change #1: Self-Care events for our leaders – Ideas: water color night, workless workshops, Pets in the Park, Reflect and Share, Morning “Coffee”,

Change #2: Redefine the term “School Spirit”

Current School Spirit Criteria: Volume, Extroversion, Likes

Proposed New Criteria: Trust, Connection, Encouragement

Change #3: Need to span the “Comfort Gap”

Change #4: Begin to fall away from the “Big Three” activities – Rallies, Dress Up Days, Dances

Litmus Tests: Participation Test – Does it Increase participation in future events, Purpose Test – Does it answer our why?, Positivity test – Does this activity add to the “spirit bank account” or take away?, non-profit pricing

Change #5: Winter Activities need attention, too! Perhaps winter should be about filling student needs

Ideas for student/school needs: Hidden Kindness, “Pro Tips”: Quick Encouragements; Staff Appreciation, Morning Cup, Surprise Spirit; Moment of Kindness, Hidden Heroes, Ice Cream Parties

Change #6: ASB needs to be the lead collaborator: Monthly Meetups, Collaboration Circles, Administration Lunches, Officer Roundtables

Change #7: Master small, targeted, intentional activites

Change #8: Be the Champion of the “response”, reclaim the negative, change the narrative, think local, regional, and global

Change #9: Activities should focus/serve/cater to staff as well as students

Change #10: On-going Training, collaboration, and availability of resources

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